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Lightning strikes. You’ve had that perfect idea. But you have no idea how it can be done. Enter Fluid Branding. We can offer you the expertise to make your concept a reality with our dedicated team specialising in sourcing and bespoke products.

Your merchandise, your way

It’s all about what you need. From USBs and electronics to clothing and accessories, ecological goods and bespoke, handcrafted promotional merchandise - we can provide it all, alongside an assurance of quality, speed and compliance.

The entire process is handled by our team of experts. That means you can rest easy, knowing that you’re getting the best service possible - from start to finish.

Far East sourcing - from concept to completion

It’s no secret - we all know that China is the home of affordable production.

What you might not know is that here at Fluid, we’ve developed an international team of experts that specialise in simplifying the process of Chinese sourcing - bringing affordable professionalism to your doorstep, wherever you may be.

Our process couldn't be more simple. Let’s break it down:

The Far East Sourcing ProcessThe Far East Sourcing Process
1. Discuss Ideas1. Discuss Ideas

1: Discuss Ideas

Have a specific product in mind? Or just a wild idea? Just get in touch to kick things off - we'd love to hear your ideas, and we're pretty good at coming up with them too!

2. Internal Briefing2. Internal Briefing

2: Internal Briefing

This is where your idea starts to take shape. We’ll work closely with you to figure out every detail of your new product - making sure we’re all on the same page from day one.

3. Quotation Provided3. Quotation Provided

3: Quotation Provided

We can go directly to the producers of your merchandise, ensuring you get the best price internationally, and only the best suppliers get the chance to work on your project.

4. Client Updates and Feedback4. Client Updates and Feedback

4: Client Updates & Feedback

How's the price? Are the materials we're using the same as your vision? Does it look like you expected? Let us know - we'll always do our best to adapt to your suggestions.

5. Production5. Production

5: Production

Whether you need 200 or 2,000,000 units,  we’ll follow your product every step of the  way to ensure each and every one is ready  for you - where, when and just as you expect it.

6. Managing the Process6. Managing the Process

6: Managing the Process

We know how important compliance and international standards are when it comes to merchandise. Our ongoing analysis takes the risk out of the process, we’re on it.

Check out some case studies

Here's a few examples of projects we've worked on for clients just like you. Take a look - you might just feel inspired to create something amazing...

Creative Assembly: Bespoke Backpacks

Creative assembly originally approached Fluid with an idea of their preferred product, but no specific item in mind. They needed a premium bag, similar to some existing bags available on the retail market, the same high quality and finish, but with their own customisations. 

Prices and quantities were discussed before quickly coming to an initial agreement based on designs provided by us. These were reviewed and adapted to better suit the brand, with pantone matched linings, additional pockets, customised zip pulls, and other additional details discussed and implemented. 

The first sample was finalised, produced and shipped to the client for their perusal, and although the quality and style matched expectations, in person in needed those last few tweaks to produce the perfect product. One further round of samples later and we were ready to make the transition to mass production which thanks to our extensive design work went without a hitch!

Creative AssemblyCreative Assembly
Paslode purple bagPaslode purple bag
Paslode backpackPaslode backpack
Paslode backpackPaslode backpack
Paslode logoPaslode logo

Paslode: Speakers / Chargers

This was one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by Fluid, requiring the most stringent attention to detail at every stage and in every aspect. 

The dream was to produce a speaker like no other, for use on worksites. It needed to not only run either from a plug or on Paslode power tool battery power, but also charge those very same batteries when connected to mains power. We were given some comparative products to ensure we could match their sound quality, some initial visuals as provided by the client, and the task to find a supplier that could produce the whole thing from scratch.

Well, the supplier was no problem - with our experienced team of international suppliers we knew exactly who to go to. And with their expertise, our guidance, and the client's input, we steadily began to wok on our initial prototypes. Casings were created, colours were chosen and matched, speaker quality was defined and improved, and we were ready to get the product in the hands of our client. Following feedback, materials were updated, logos and buttons were rearranged and a final specification was pinned down. It was then translated into multiple international languages and laid out in the included manual. This was just one of many regulations we were sure to meet, ready for mass production and shipping by air and sea to their multiple global locations.

 Paslode speaker logo Paslode speaker logo
Paslode speakersPaslode speakers
wireless speakerwireless speaker
making Paslode speakermaking Paslode speaker
Bosch logoBosch logo

Bosch: Spark Plug Charging Cables

One of our simpler but more eye catching bespoke products of recent times - Spark Plug Multicables!

Bosch originally approached us needing some electronics to coincide with a launch of their spark plugs. We trotted out the standard items; USBs, powerbanks etc. but also suggested something that could really grab the attention of their potential clients and represent their brand - customised multicables. Bosch already had the design in the form of their functional product, and the cost could remain low as the cables are a standard product which only required the minimal cost of a custom PVC topper.

             The perfect example of a cheap, simple, quick and recognisable product, unique to you and your brand.

Bosch spark plugBosch spark plug
usb cablesusb cables
Bosch connectorBosch connector
Bosch usb cablesBosch usb cables

And there you have it. Your goods - wherever, whenever, and however you need them. Simple as that!

You’ve got the ideas. We’ve got the resource, the experience, and the ability.

Let’s do this.

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