My experience at Fluid Branding

Finlay joined the Fluid Branding team for a week of work experience and learnt all about the promotional merchandise industry. Here he shares his experience of the week...

My experience at Fluid Branding
My experience at Fluid Branding

It was the first day. I felt nervous but excited, butterflies and all about my week to come.

I was worried that I’d be too much or too little, however, one of the first things I noticed about Fluid was the enthusiasm! As soon as I walked in, I was introduced to a welcoming and friendly environment that made me feel completely at home. Everyone I met seemed motivated and lively, and the entire office seemed passionate.

My first couple of days largely consisted of shadowing, which involved me sitting down with members of each department and watching what they do every day. I felt fortunate to be able to have such a unique experience, being able to ask questions and learn about all the workplace was really rewarding. I definitely came away from the first couple of days feeling better educated about every aspect of Fluid Branding.

Later in the week was mostly focused on my projects, one of which is this blog post! However, the larger project I was tasked with was to explore the possibility of an Instagram page for Fluid Branding. This was an interesting and fun project because it involved research, thinking, and I was also able to present lots of my own ideas, so I felt like it was a great opportunity to demonstrate some of my skills to the Fluid team.

On the last day, I was able to present my Instagram ideas to Eric and Matt. For me, this was a hugely exciting experience because it gave me a taste of the real work environment, such as working to a deadline and presenting my ideas to an audience. They seemed to react well, which was validating, but I’m certain they would’ve been kind regardless of the results!

One of the most enjoyable parts of my experience was the diverse group of personalities that a professional workplace offered. Every person appeared eager to teach me about their position, and I was given a detailed but compelling explanation of what the modern workplace offered. Of course, every sector has its challenges and rewards, but every member of staff seemed enthusiastic and educated, which really inspired me.

My time at Fluid Branding felt like a hugely rewarding experience and I walked away with a real taste for the workplace and a much better knowledge of how a business co-operates in a professional environment. But the week was also extremely entertaining, and I felt as though I was always occupied with a new and engaging activity.