A Brand New Start for your Business

Your chance to be awarded a £10k Branded Merchandise Business Grant

Over the last year, many businesses have faced some of their toughest challenges yet. We’ve seen a global pandemic overshadowing a lot of company’s abilities to thrive, issues surrounding Brexit causing concern for many businesses, and all manner of other challenges.

Thankfully, it looks like things are starting to go in the right direction, and many are turning their attention to recovery and new beginnings. Many now face new challenges, feeling their way tentatively into what will become life after lockdown.

That’s why, here at Fluid, we wanted to do something to offer a helping hand.

The Brand New Start Business Grant has been designed to help businesses get back on their feet after the challenges of the last year. The successful applicant will receive £10,000 worth of merchandise from an industry leading range of products, fully branded to their requirements, for use in their campaigns. On top of that, you'll get one-on-one expert advice on making the most of your campaigns from an experienced industry expert.

What do you need to do?

To apply for the grant, all we need you to do is complete our 2021 Business Survey. The questions will take around 5 - 8 minutes. There’s then a section at the end of the survey that allows you to pitch your business as a potential recipient of the grant. We recommend you stick to around 150 words for your pitch, letting us know why your business deserves the grant, and how you’d use it to its full potential for your campaigns. You might want to prepare this in advance.

Who can apply?

Absolutely anyone representing a genuine business can apply for the grant. It isn’t restricted by company size or location - everyone has the same chance to be awarded the grant. We can’t offer the grant for individuals though - you have to be representing a business.

Brilliant - anything else?

The deadline for applying to receive the Brand New Start Business Grant is Friday 16th April 2021. After this date, we’ll no longer be accepting applications for the grant.

The applications will be judged by our expert panel, made up of members of the Fluid Friends pillar group. The Friends pillar within Fluid Branding has the shared purpose “to develop mutually valuable relationships with customers and suppliers for commercial success and positive industry change.” Once a successful applicant has been chosen, they will be in touch to arrange details and get started with awarding the grant.

Start your application

To get started with your application for the Brand New Start Business Grant, fill out the form below and click 'Start Application' to be sent straight to our 2021 Business Survey. It should take you between 5 - 8 minutes.

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