Tariq Tonna-Morgan

Account Manager, Plymouth Office

Nickname... T, Taz, T-Doggz (By Plymouth office only - thanks Aaron!)

Guilty pleasure?  The Princess Bride

Who is your idol?  Malcolm X

I beat a creative block by... Taking a break and going back to it

Favourite place in the world?  In the midst of a gig

If I could have a super-power, it would be... To be able to unite the world in peace and love, removing greed, narcissism and lust for power

Best advice someone gave me... Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something

e: tariq.tonna-morgan@fluidbranding.com

t: 01 2461822 (ext. 326)

Tariq is a huge music lover, Hip Hop especially and can often be found at a gig. He even hopes to be a rap star one day. If you call him we're sure he'd be happy to drop you a couple of verses if you need cheering up on a quite day, and having more than 8 years experience in sales, he'd probably sell you a pre-release copy of his future platinum-selling album at the same time!