Jemini Bronson

Production Assistant, Bury St Edmunds Office

What do you do (in one line)?  Ensure our customers are provided with the best service possible

I grew up in...  Canada and England

Guilty pleasure?  Watching Tinkerbell movies

Favourite book?  Just one? Jayne Eyre

Childhood ambition?  To marry Prince William!

Favourite boardgame?  Cards Against Humanity

Favourite place in the world?  Horseneck beach, Rhode Island, USA


t: 01 2461822 (ext. 358)

In her own words, Jemini is a mother of 2 fabulous human beings, who are dual nationality - American and English! They have recently moved back to England after 4 years spent in Massachusetts, USA. In her free time, Jemini likes to paint (mainly murals), read lots, and of course, spend time with her children!