Dan Hardcastle

Merchandise Consultant, Plymouth Office

What do you do?  Make your merchandising dreams a reality!

Guilty pleasure?  Eating condiments with a spoon

Worst haircut?  All of them? I just don't bother any more!

Favourite board game?  Monopoly. A board game where I can control entire streets and force people to give me money? Sign me up!

Favourite place in the world?  Barcelona. The place where I got engaged and discovered the best rum bar I have ever been to. If I ever win the lottery, you'll know where to find me.

Pet hate?  Almost any reality TV.

Best advice someone gave me... Sleep all day and climb trees at night

e: [email protected]

t: 01 2461822 (ext. 357)

There isn't enough space on the page to list all of Dan's hobbies/interests/experience and self-confessed talents. So I'll narrow it down a little for you. He can sell you anything from a karate membership to a 3-piece suite, he know's his sport, can probably build you a yacht, and claims to be the 'worlds best gamer'. He also knows far more movies and songs than most of mankind and owns a German Sheperd. Anything else you'd like to know you'll have to ask him yourself - my head's spinning!